Alexa green

Alexa green

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Elsa themed piece:  160

dramatic high low dress in a light blue with a white lace trim. medium blue color ruffles just a bit darker than the dress color to give a gradient effect underneath. A silver cape with snow flakes on the ties. Maybe a hand painted or embroidered snow flake on the front and embroider "let it go" in a pretty cursive. Also beading and sparkle in silver tones to add some magic and on the skirt I'd probably add some kind of snowflakes embellishments. Not too many just to jazz up the skirt a bit. I'd probably leave the ruffles off the shoulders on this one so the cape lays and flows nicely.

Easter cross dress- 160

Easter Peter rabbit dress- 160

cinderella castle themed dress-  160

baby blue cotton and trim it in a white lace. Lots of ruffles on the under layer also trimmed in a thin white lace. Ruffled sleeves of course because duh. Hand painted castle on the bodice with beaded details and hand embroidered "you are magic". 

Minnie themed dress 160

black hand painted Minnie head on the bodice with red bow and hand embroidered Minnie under it in black. A cream cotton with polkadot beading  on the skirt.  Cotton ruffles on the shoulder.  underskirt with a bunch of ruffles in red peeking out. 

TAT-september 1st

Size- 2/3