Mama boho dress

Mama boho dress

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There will only be a few spots for this dress adjustable for medium-xl. Each dress will be ooak since the fabrics used here are vintage lace and it's very had to get the exact same print every time. It will be all cream, and similar as possible. 

The top is lined so mama's can go braless. Non stretch material however I did add some pleating so a larger bust can fit. The waist band is elasticated for comfort and easy of wearing for maternity and non maternity. The back trains out and is longer than the front but the dress overall is quite long to accommodate different heights and have that gorgeous effect photographers love.  It has tassle ties in the back so the straps don't fall and you can adjust a bit for smaller bodies or close the back for a more modest look. Of course as always all the boho details. Look at those gorgeous sleeves dropped in tassels. The skirt is not lined and you will need to wear nude undies, however the amount of fabric should allow for plenty of coverage. 


Tat on these is 45 business days. 

To wash: this dress is made.of delicate vintage laces, it will need to be spot washed, soaked and then hung to dry to preserve the delicate fabrics.